At Staten Island Lock and Tech USA we provide all of our commercial  customers with a wide range of commercial Locksmith services for any type of commercial or business establishments. Our satisfied customers include management companies, Co-op boards, Building Managers, and Business Owners. We work in offices, store fronts, service centers, Hospitals, Schools and more.

Our commercial Locksmith services guarantee the safety and maintenance of all commercial buildings and businesses of any size or type including: camera and surveillance systems, access control, magnetic locks, card access systems, door closers, latch handles, paddle handles, master key systems, safety bars, child guards, window gates, iron and railing work, Detex roof alarm and lock mechanisms, new door installation, jet hinges, Norton door closers, electrical releases and strikes as well as all major commercial repair.

We can determine what locks and door closers will be appropriate for each individual building and the area in which is located. Lock and Tech USA are happy to assist in the planning and consulting with master key systems. We can help you find and secure the most cost effective approach to master keying a number of floors or buildings. No Locksmith job is too big or too small – we do it all!

Contact us today at (718) 554-2002 to learn more about our complete line of Commercial Locksmith solutions. To speak to our Commercial accounts Department please call (888) 858.6560